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School Transport

Free School Transport is provided by Bridgend County Borough Council where pupils live within the County Borough and attend the nearest suitable school (catchment area school). Bridgend Council has recently changed its policy, which is now in line with the Welsh Government’s statutory distances.

Therefore, with effect from September 2016 free transport will only be provided if a pupil lives more than 3 miles from the school (as measured by the nearest safe, available, walking route).

However, in September 2016, pupils who live below the new threshold for free transport (3 miles) and are already attending the school will continue to receive free transport until they leave the school or enter the sixth form.

A further concession is for new pupils starting at Maesteg in September and who has an older brother or sister at the school. They will also receive free transport from Year 7 to end of Year 11.

Pupils who are not eligible for free school transport may be able to purchase a seat on a school bus (if surplus seats are available) and the cost of this seat will increase to £1.90 per day (£361 per annum) as of September 2016. Parents are advised to contact Bridgend County Borough Council for further information.

A copy of the Council’s Home to School Transport Policy is available at:

BCBC School Transport Policy

Our current school transport contractor is Wilkins Coaches, tel no 01639 852710

The contract is managed by the Council’s Transport Team. If you have a query about school transport or want to find out more, contact the Home to School Transport section on 01656 642654, or email: [email protected]