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Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

Maesteg School operates a cashless catering system for school meals. It is a biometric system that recognises the thumb print of your child at the tills and at the revaluation pay points. This means that no cash will be accepted at the Till Points in the canteen.

Currently, there are two payment options available:

  • On-line payments;
  • Coin and note payments at the revaluation pay-points situation in the school atrium.

The preferred option and one that eliminates the need for pupils to carry money is for parents to pay on-line, via the ParentPay website.  Paying on-line will require a username and password. Parents will be informed of the username and password for their child but should you require these, please contact Kate Cavendish, Finance Manager at the school.

The current legislation in relation to biometric systems requires parents to ‘Opt-In’ and consent to the biometric registration of their child. Where parents choose not to have their child registered a 4 digit PIN Code will be allocated.  Please note that PIN Codes do not have the same level of security and it will be the pupil’s responsibility to remember the code and keep it secure at all times.

Click the link below for a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document that should answer any questions you may have but if you have any further queries please contact Kate Cavendish, at the school. 

Cashless FAQ’s

Below you will find a PDF with step by step instructions to help you activate your ParentPay account.

ParentPay Instructions

ParentPay also enables parents/carers to pay in cash at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo (see below.) Those parents/carers wishing to pay cash should contact Kate Cavendish to request the option of paying via PayPoint.