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Pupil Deprivation Grant

What the grant is, who gets it and what is it for?

The purpose of the PDG grant is to improve the outcomes for learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and Looked After Children (LAC).  It is intended to overcome the additional barriers that prevent learners from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential.

PDG 2016 – 2017

  • For each child aged 5 – 15 who is eligible for free school meals, as reported in the January 2015 Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC) return, our School will receive £1,150 per pupil.
  • For each child who was Looked After (LAC) as reported in the April 2015 Children in Need Census, our School will receive £1,150.

PDG at Maesteg School – our Values and Ethos.

Closing the gap is central to everything we do at Maesteg School.  We have a moral commitment to ensure that our students from disadvantaged backgrounds have the support to accelerate their progress to achieve their full potential.

Our Whole School approach includes a designated Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for our ‘Closing the gap’ strategy and actions/programmes of support built into our School Improvement Plan, which is monitored for impact on a regular basis.

We have developed the Maesteg Effective Feedback Policy that ensures that every pupil receives excellent feedback in order to move learning on.  Many strategies included in our Whole School Improvement Plan are built around the Sutton Trust Toolkit, which develops strategies based on research and best practice.  We pride ourselves on considering and removing the barriers for each individual pupil and provide bespoke learning programmes to ensure that every pupil reaches their full potential.

A Summary of Proposed PDG Spend for 2016 – 2017 can be found here.