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School Badge

Introducing Maesteg School’s badge. We have created an emblem that celebrates our rich cultural, historical and industrial heritage but also summarises our desire to provide an excellent education for our pupils. The logo is both motivational and aspirational. This is our school, in our valley and we are striving to develop a strong work ethic which allows our pupils to be proud of their origins and motivated to always aim high and work to their full potential towards a brilliant future either within the Valley or beyond.

The new logo has its roots deep in the history of the Llynfi Valley. The shield represents our feudal past and the fact that King Edward II, who was in hiding at the time, was captured in the Valley and taken off to meet his doom in Berkeley Castle.

Nobody can deny our rich industrial heritage. To pay homage to our industrial past we have included the silver of the ironworks that populated the valley in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Our black diamonds represent our history of coal mining. The three lozenges represent the three collieries that were still being mined in the late 1960s: Caerau, Coegnant and St John’s. The black diamonds also evoke Maesteg’s Town Council emblem. The colour amber encircles our past and looks forward to our future.

We are proud of our motto, ‘Motivated to Strive’ which encapsulates the acronym of our school name and embodies our ethos that hard work and effort lead to success. We hope you like it too.