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Maesteg School has signed up for a new and exciting revision resource called GCSEPod that can be used on any handheld device, changing the way your child can revise for the better. With 3500+ podcasts available to pupils, GCSEPod has the facts, dates, diagrams, quotes and keywords needed to succeed in the upcoming exams. 

GCSEPod has an examinations playlist feature, where you can find several podcasts related to a particular exam. Pupils can even create their own playlists based around subjects which they may be finding harder than others. So in the run up to an exam, whether at home, in school or on the go, pupils have access to any subject matter they need.

GCSEPod can be personalised, so if you’re son or daughter is sitting their GCSE’s this year, they will be able to select what subjects they have studied and follow the relevant revision guides. For more information, watch the video below and visit the GCSEPod website.

What is GCSEPod? A guide for parents.